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Nintendo Revolution gets a corner of the spotlight Posted May 13, 2005, 10:24 AM ET by Ben Zackheim Not to be outdone by the Xbox 360, Nintendo leaked a few juicy details on their Revolution. Perrin Kaplin, Nintendo of America’s VP for corporate affairs, went on record with the following tidbits: Wireless controllers Backwards compatibility Online built in Sleek design that will stand on its side (she said the size would be the same as 3 DVD cases sitting on top of each other) DVD format discs (wow) According to the CVG piece, we may also see more of the Revolution than we think at E3…

i like how nintendo always have the balls to try new shyt with every system they come out with,the thing i loved about the gamecube was the control and the mini dvd's. they just need to get better 3rd party help. Come With me