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16th October 2006

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#21 11 years ago

Oh really? How come you practically lived on the .mac demo server then?


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13th December 2006

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#22 11 years ago

Lol. I never lived on .Mac =p I am addicted to forums.. not to game


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19th November 2005

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#23 11 years ago

I'm like addicted to games for a few weeks then I'll take a long break thinking I've had enough and are sick of them and then repeat the cycle over again. Like I'll play ES Oblivion for a few weeks then get tired of it. Same with Halo 2, Counter Strike Source, C&C Generals ZH, and CoH.


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14th February 2007

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#24 11 years ago

1. Warcraft- Dota online only, just can't quite you baby! 2. God of War 1-2 3. Def Jam Fight for NY- no other fighting game lets you do the stuff you can in Def Jam fight for NY


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21st December 2005

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#25 11 years ago

Any GTA game hands down... And the San Andreas Multi Player program for GTA SA is awesome too.


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#26 11 years ago

BattleZone II - most addictive game I have EVER played... Been playing it for 8 years now.... So much fun...


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10th November 2006

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#27 11 years ago

We should make this a poll. =p Counter Strike: Source, Oblivion, and Jedi Academy to name a few. And then there's Crysis, which we know is going to be awsome like that or else....

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19th September 2006

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#28 11 years ago

ok where do i start? F.E.A.R. Combat Forza 2 Battlefield 2 Oddworld Stranger's Wrath All the Ratchet And Clanks Ghost Recon hmmmm. shall i continue? :)