Most emotional game you've ever played? 83 replies

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13th January 2009

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#81 11 years ago

FFX... when the end... One of the Broken Swords, i dont remeber which one, but even when it was a puzzle game the story get me completely and i was soo exited all the time with the mysteries XD. Prince of persia 1 and 2, i loved when in the second one u had all of those Dahaka chases, i was always so tense to not get caught by the thing. Undying, the thing is quite old but asides from silenthill.... if played at the night ...i jumped a lot now and then with the phantoms and in the completly dark catacombs, plus the disturbing dead-girl singing XD


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16th December 2008

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#82 11 years ago

ff10, omg tidus and gow2, carmine... how could they do this to you!!!!!!!!!


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12th January 2009

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#83 11 years ago

Fable II

Warning Spoilers I never felt so emotional about a storyline. When he shoots your dog, that moment, i will remember for the rest of my life. When you go the spire as a spire guard, the harshness and cruelty of that place. Emotionally impacting stuff.


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#84 11 years ago

I found Oblivion rather emotional, and Halo 3 is the most emotional game in terms of anger out there, of course, I'm so good I get TKed by Johnson with the splazer.... 0_o