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#1 16 years ago

I dont care if i neva spelled it right im sorry to be angry but the 4th training level when i flick the flash and go in the room and i shoot the targets they dont move at all then it says i got to be quicker but i shot at them any ideas?


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11th September 2004

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#2 16 years ago 2.2/2.2.1 there is a problem with that. But dont worry! You dont have to pass it to complete training. Just skip it. If you're that far into training, you can go online now anyways, but there is additional training if you want to be a medic, sniper etc.


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29th December 2004

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#3 16 years ago

training glitch. you can play online without completing MOUT McKenna till the Devs fix it.

heh. that was annoying :) i had that same problem, but luckily it was when i was training on my third account. (my noob acct, its always fun to pwn 60+ honor guys when youre 12 honor)