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#1 11 years ago

I've been tryiing to play this korean game, called sudden attack. a few months ago i downloaded it and it worked fine, but now it won't do anything. When i tried playing it, nothing happened so i went right to te application and clicked on it, but it said" suddenattackexe. application error, then the rest said "The instruction at "0x01fa2dne" referenced at "0x003f4344." The memory could not be read.

I don't get it, it worked fine a few months ago. Please help


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#2 11 years ago

Have you tried re-installing it?

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#3 11 years ago

A re-install is what i would try as well, and make sure you drivers are up to date.

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#4 11 years ago

Did anyone say corrupt hard drive? Mwahahaha!