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#1 12 years ago

Alright, so legendary's been out for a little while now and i heard it wasn't too good, not that it was bad but that it was just... Well, as gameinformer put it "About as Vanilla as FPS's get", so i thought i'd try it out to see for myself, as i was looking forward to it's release a long while before anyone new about it and here's what i have to say. Story: 7 A theif is hired to set off pandoras box and soon after chaos ensues. It's simple, got plenty of room for story expansion throughout the game, which is indeed what happens, and it doesn't over complicate itself, although i think they could've easily created a much better storyline other then this. Graphics: 8.5 It's graphics stand in the shallow end of the pool compared to many other great looking games but they did a VERY good job, there's dynamic lighting, great texture work, good particle use (within the atmosphere) and their are some destructible areas in the game too. If you want some reference shots of what it looks like, here's some: Gameplay: 8 The gameplay is actually surprisingly better then it seems from the score. As you start out your given the most powerful weapon in the game... The axe, as it can kill foes in a few chops compared to the guns in the game which take many rounds to down a fo, BUT they sort of balance it out, as you must be precise with your swings, each swing takes a second or two, and you have to be VERY close to hit them. The AI in this game is great, the enemy's will take cover and use manouvering skills if their human, taking advantage of all kinds of cover, constantly changing positions and focusing on larger threats then you if their are any, such as werewolves. Which brings us to the CREATURES AI, each creature acts and behaves differently, which is equally great if not better and more amusing then humans, as werewolves will move around dynamicly, climbing on walls and ceilings, jumping across gaps and even grabbing objects around it to throw at you, and this is all done dynamicly, their movement aswell is equally unpredictable making for a more challenging fight while they are not too over powered and not over whelmingly fast. Some of the larger foes such as Alpha werewolves, griffons, and bosses all have a skin deterioration system for when you shoo them in areas, their skin will, yup, deteriorate, showing muscle and even bits of bone. Their may not be a great variety of weapory in the game but it's definately enough and the guns are done well enough so that you actually LIKE using them, as opposed to some guns in games just being hideous and a drag to use because of their poor sounds/model/textures. Controls: 7 The controls, the main problem i have with the controls is that first of all, your guy can barely jump over a twig, let alone a chair, secondly, turning for an extended period of time drasticaly increases your aiming movement to the point where you might feel nausous (you CAN turn down sensativity), and lastly, throwing grenades can be troublesome as to throw your grenade/molotov farther then 6 inches, you have to hold down the button, this is a good concept but they should've increased the distance for a quick button tap greatly as throwing a grenade to take out some enemies could greatly back fire and take you out like that if your within 5 feet of it. Other then that, walking/running is fine, iron sights work great, and everything else functions properly. Sound: 8 The sound in this game is great, you can hear everything clearly, it's the soundtrack really pumps you up and definately fits the mood of tense werewolf and other creature encounters, and the voicework, although slightly on the overdramatic side, is neither bad or a chore to listen to. NitPicks: -Killing werewolves can understandably get a tad repetitive as you MUST blow their heads off to kill them, although i've yet to be annoyed or bothered by this, since it seems to add another layer of depth and makes things a little more tense, trying to blow a werewolves head off before it gets back up and starts chasing you. -Minor Graphical errors and studders are in this game but mainly during the start and end of cinimatics, not sure if this is because of my games disk coming scratched (brand new, not used) or if it's a flaw, but it's still something to look out for, and although texture popping is in here it only happens at the beggining of levels. -Sometimes, although rare, creatures will penetrate the geometry and get stuck if you kill them (mainly werewolves), but since they no longer become a threat, it's best left ignored. -Difficulty, if your a casual gamer, you'd best put on your helmet and brace for impact, because as a hardcore gamer, playing on medium, i've already died a maximum of 6 times. I personnelly enjoy a good challenge, not having had one in a game for quite some time, so it's refreshing to actually try and use tactics and think. FINAL SCORE: 7.7 End result, it's nothing revolutionary or industry changing, it may be viewed as a failure by the masses, but it's really just an average shooter with a few things to give it that extra edge which helps it stand out among the rest. With all the other amazing titles like Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead, Resistance 2, Fallout 3, COD5, Fable 2, and the rest of the lot, it might seem like it's not worth your time, but once it's price drops (already has, as i believe it's 29.99 now) it'll definately be a decent game to buy, even to rent if your still on the fence about it.


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#2 12 years ago

i've been watching this game for awhile now, and with everyone saying its relatively bad i didnt feel like getting it. but this review has changed my mind a little. i also find it funny watching all the soldiers and civilians getting eatin by griffons and werewolves.


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#3 12 years ago

Reviewers seem to have hated it, while normal people seem to be giving it ratings between 7 and 8.