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Hello forums, My name is Huw. A while back i was working on a game called Year 2238, this was quite some time ago,but since then we've locked the doors until more work was done, I'm now ready to present to you what we've accomplished so far.

Over the last 10 months or so, I've ran into some fine individuals who've helped make this game possible, later on i will recognize those whom have put their hard work into this game. [One individual you may all know or know not at all is TheAgent, Kudos to him for helping out so much]

Let me start things out with concept works. Adam burns is a professional conceptual artist who works for clysmic studios, his work is quite outstanding and has recently done some stuff that was otherwise impossible for some of our members to even come close to. He works freelance for our project,and just finished a piece yesterday, Please enjoy. "[COLOR="Yellow"]You open the door to leave, the rain still pouring, bouncing off of your visor. Platform 54 is just 3 platforms over. You stare in awe at the grand spaceships in hangars as you make your way over. You catch up with another marine making his way up the USS Jackson, a capital warship. You are dwarfed by the vessel's shear mass."[/COLOR]

Now I'd like to move on to our character works, Danielle is one of our finest organic 3d modelers,and we honestly couldn't ask for a better one. He's currently working on the soldier you see above,but as some of you may recall he did a past sculpture for the main character of some sort, here is a untextured photo of his work.


Now i'd like to get on to a few of our maps that we are working on. [Again KUDOS to TheAgent, He's a very dedicated member and we enjoy him on the team.]

The map I'm showing below is Called River Dam Base, the name is quite self explanatory, there is a river with a dam,and two bases, each connected to a larger building that over looks the entire map.


[More than likely i'll have to rescale these images using the shot tags,please give me a moment after this post to do so]

The map above is one of my favorites,and will soon be perfect for large scale capture the flag game type variants.

The next map I'm presenting is aswell cleverly named Urban. It's a high tech city that was abandoned in 2100. This too is a multilayer map, and both of the maps i'm presenting to you will be featured in the upcoming beta,alongside one other very unique map.[One that atm is not yet presentable,don't worry i'll keep you updated]

Urban and RiverDamBase both come featured with a true 24hour day and night time cycle, In short terms, If it's morning at your house where you live, It's morning in game. [I'll explain how that works later]

Anyways perhaps you are interested in seeing this level, so I'll stop the chit chat and get on to it. Enjoy.

update: 11/2/2010 After a few weeks The agent has been to work once more, and we are now able to put out some great stuff. Programming may now begin on the true 24 hour day and night cycle,scheduled to be finished with in the following week or two. Below are some great pics of the 90% finished urban map. NOTE: PLEASE PARDON THE SMALL BLACK SQUARES WITH SHADES OF LIGHT AROUND THEM IN SOME OF THE PICTURES, IT'S MY VIDEO CARD. [IT'S QUITE OLD] This week we are fully focusing on small changes towards the Urban map, and our next map we are working on.

{Please do keep in mind this map is still a wip.]

[QUICK STORY LINE PLOT] The ancients as we know them were a race that studied our every movement. Thousands of years ago they helped us develop the civilizations we know to come and love today. From building pyramids and moving mass boulders in the shape of geometry's most powerful figure didn't come from guessing. After they had taught most of us how to communicate,live, and thrive in an environment the ancients left us alone,and were bluntly removed from history as we know it. The year is now 2238, and Earth's resources have grown dry, It's time to start searching for a new planet. Back in 2100, the national aeronautics and space administration began development on a new project code named "USS Jackson", It's designed to be a massive evacuation/exploration vessel for long and very quick flights. Technological breakthroughs have allowed us to travel lightyears into the solar system,and we are eager to fly to a newly discovered planet on the outskirts of our galaxy. 2238 now approaches and millions of troops,geologists,archeologists,scientists,and more are all loaded on to this massive vessel, as we desperately travel to that planet 100+ years from the day we discovered it. 2250 We reach this new planet. The ancients kept an eye on earth, and had noticed we did nothing but ruin it, now they know we are to do nothing but trash yet another planet that has been left in near perfect condition. Little did we know the planet we were studying, was the ancient's.

From there on out, you get the idea. If not take a wild guess and we'll update it later to see if your right.

That's all the updates i have for you at this moment, Weapons,vehicles,characters,animations, gameplay and more are coming along but are not yet at a high quality presentable stage. Please know that they are there,but it's not quite done.

Website: Index of / [currently closed to public] MODDB PAGE:Clysmic-Studios - Mod DB Beta: Coming July 1st for public.

See you guys soon and hope you've enjoyed.



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2nd April 2010

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#2 8 years ago

the graphics looks good.


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25th December 2010

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#3 8 years ago

Looks good!


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Sounds really interesting, and I must agree, the graphics are great! Good job and good luck with it!