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#1 15 years ago

Heya people I was wondering does anyone know why i cant join my own server, i start it up and, other people can join it but when i right click "open IP" an paste my IP in there that the server is using to play it just stay's on connecting for ages and thats all it does and i cannot get into the game even thow everyone else can, so does anyone know what i gotta do, i dont think i can even see the server in the list of games.



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#2 15 years ago

no answers? no help? whats up on this forum,no helpers here? no 1 here with AA server known? ok hereĀ“s my late post:D hm looks like firewall prob or.. u let run an AA server on your home pc right? and u have an router with aktive firewall right? Did u opend the ports correcly? info for faster joins on self hostet aa servers: type into console-> [COLOR=red]open[/COLOR] (its a loopback to your own pc,without i-net^^) or [COLOR=red]open "your LAN ip"[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]("open"[/COLOR] or whatever ur lan is) There is NO need to join your OWN server with the I-net ip,but u can ^^ dont set your i-net ip in the servers ini(on gamespy or somewhere),there is no need to do that,coz your i-net IP will change every 24h. hope this can help & fix your problem (For deeper infos about AA servers plz contact me per E-MAIL,im not often here) [email][/email]