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23rd July 2006

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#1 13 years ago

I emailed Human Heads, the game's developer to ask them how to submit my suggestions, but they never answered. So I will post them here LOL >>>>>

First, I want to tell you that I have never been more excited about a game based on its demo than I have been with Prey. I will buy this game immediately and start pushing it on my deathmatch servers that I run. I run a Serious Sam, Alien vs Predator 2, and a Halo server. I have automated popups that tell people where to get new maps; I will change those popups to tell people about Prey because I suspect I will be playing this game a great deal and running my own server with it. I hope you don't mind my suggestions that are derived from years of playing deathmatches. After a game gets old--and all games do--the only thing left fun to play is the deathmatch. So this is very important in Prey I think. I don't have the full version yet, so these other suggestions that follow might not be needed. Still, I have no doubt Prey will have many sequels. I hope you will consider these suggestions in future updates and sequels with the deathmatches.

1) Allow a 3rd person view. Few games allow this now, and I don't know why. Any one who has played Serious Sam knows that 3rd person view is very useful in deathmatches. For one reason, it allows you to see when someone is coming around a corner or is directly above you. It also helps improve shooting when someone is close to you and in front of you. 2) Give the server the option to enable/disable a body radar, similar to the one used in Halo. But I would make it so the radar can only see when someone is approaching close behind you. Alien vs Predator 2 had the best radar that would allow you to see when someone was above you or coming behind you when they were close to you. You could also fix it to where the radar is a device that the players have to pick up like they do with weapons. 3) Allow all users to be able to turn off chat! This is the most important one. I don't know why games don't allow this anymore. I cannot believe the amount of pornographic and explicit comments these kids use in chat today. It is downright disgusting. I would want my kids to be able to toggle chat on or off when an offensive player comes in. Alternatively, you could allow it so a user can ignore a certain player's chat lines when he is on instead of turning off the whole chat; this latter suggestion would be the better one. Players ought to be able to pull down a menu and right click on that player's name and then select "Ignore." 4) Allow the server to disable Spirit Walk. Or at least fix it to where server can decide how many times a person can use the spirit thing during one match. If you do not, this will ruin the game play. 5) The warm up thing got really old after a few hours. I would allow the server the option to decide whether players can come into the deathmatch immediately with most weapons and a little ammo instead of having to run around looking for weapons. The player of course should still have to go around looking for more ammo and health. With this option, the warmup thing would not be necessary at all. People don't want to wait to play and they don't want to wait for others to decide when to play. When they log on, they should play or leave. I don't know why more game producers don't make it an option for the server to allow players to respawn with most weapons instead of having to run around looking for them; but this option would make it much more fair in a deathmatch. 6) I would have a few deathmatch maps that were even smaller than the ones in your demo and that did not have the "walk on walls" thing and the gravity thing. The walk-on-walls is great, but after playing it with both maps I found myself wanting to play without it for a while. It especially bothered me when two people were above me shooting me and two were on the floor shooting me at the same time. That can get annoying after a while. I would love to see you have a few maps like the old Gore game that no one plays anymore: small, bright, and more open areas. How about some maps on the outside and in some sunshine? Why do they all have to be enclosed and semi-dark? 7) There didn't seem to be enough health when 6 or more people were playing in either map. I would allow the server the option to include more health in the maps. 8) I don't like this one, but I know the new kids do because of Counter Strike and Half-Life. However, because I don't like it doesn't mean it should not be an option. I would allow the server to set the weapons to where one shot to the front equals one kill. So basically what I am saying is that the server does not have many options for how to configure the game. Halo was great for this and allows many guns and maps to be configurable to the server's likings. Thank you for your consideration!!


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4th December 2005

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#2 13 years ago

I'm with you 100% on these, they are all features that should've been in the game to begin with.



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22nd April 2002

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#3 13 years ago