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17th November 2006

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Blowing up the Sewer Gate allows access to the Sewer. (Soldier) Using the Sewers is a way to get to the Shield Generator without having to cope with infantry/vehicles. It's possible to open the Sewers directly at the start of the game. It's possible to run into the Tunnel and wait at the spawn point and take it over as soon as the bridge has been constructed without being seen by the enemy. Waiting in the Sewers for the MCP to deploy and then "rush", When you hear the explosion, climb up and run to the Shield Generator. If you are very lucky and have Covering Fire You can hack the Shield Generator in minimum time :-) (Abused Armchairs did this, one hacker one Engineer) Playing as Strogg: Spam your team to create AVT when the bridge has been constructed. Playing as GDF There's a way up to the mountain at the little hut to the right of the tunnel.