NBK is recruiting for Americas Army, AVP2, BF2, WOW, F.E.A.R, A51 at http://nbkgames. 0 replies

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#1 14 years ago

NBK the Natural Born Killers Gaming Community of clans Has been committing virtual mass murder since ‘98 http://nbkgames.com or http://nbkgames.gamedaemons.net/ or http://www.nbkg.tk We are currently recruiting for Americas Army, AVP2, BF2, WOW, F.E.A.R, A51 and more.

* NBK_The Killers Funhouse; a Honor server based out of San Jose, CA (To join the fun console command: open * have a Team Speak server & Yahoo voice (we prefer yahoo voice, go figure) * Forums (compartmentalized by clan/game and user groups) * We’ve been international since the start! Oh yeah spread that virtual violence far and wide baby! We are involved in a few games and have ranking systems for each. As we are a group of friends that hang out together we will put you on a probation period to ensure you are a good fit for our clan and community, you may join a single game or multiple games that we are involved in after that point. As mentioned for the most part we are a group of friends and although we aren’t involved in ladders we do have friendly tournament style skirmishes with other like minded clans as we have a commitment to better ourselves and our teamwork. The vast majority of our players are very active and can be found playing most days. Having said that we are relatively relaxed about participation as most of us work and realize life happens but we do want to see a commitment to keep us in the loop if you can’t be around.

Our rules are simple: 1) Have fun! 2) Fight with skill (no cheats/hacks/exploits) 3) No Multiclanning (do not be in another clan for a game NBK supports for which you are an active member) 4) Do not insult other players or clans. If you do not agree with and support the rules then common sense dictates you don't want to be in the clan anyway. If you do come post at our forums or come hang out with us on the server :Smile: