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25th April 2007

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#11 11 years ago

sl0w-m0;4087365Yeah, i'm with you. Except i've never played Most Wanted

Juiced 2 i've only played the demo and while the car customization is pretty cool the actual driving in the game is too arcade-ish for me.

I've played Pro Street but what really set it back for me were a few things. While the speed trap races are fun the normal grip races feel like your car is going too slow and theres a major loss in the sense of speed. The driving also feels worse and maybe even less realistic then all the other NFS games. Even in "hardcore" mode with all the driving assists off it felt like my car was still impossible to lose control of or spin out

What also annoys me about Prostreet are why are there so many goddamn ads in the game? And I hate the announcers voice that you have to listen to at the beginning of EVERY race

Man you need to play Most Wanted, is the best NFS game so far by far

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