need little info of owners of the new GTA 1 reply

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29th August 2007

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#1 16 years ago

Hi All, Let me say this is NOT for me but for my sons. They have a PS2 and i just got then the new GTA game Well today they are in here on my Sims 2 and i am like hold on what is up i have not seen you two in weeks LOL They tell me the game is acting funny and messing up and that it is lagging even when the oldest used new files or something Sorry i am a real dummy on this stuff i only know computers. Anyway I figured i would come here and see if anyone else had this and if so what they thought the reason may be and a solution. EB Games said we can bring or send it back with the packing slip which is not a problem i just really want to make sure that it is in fact game related and not the console? Do not want a surprise addition to the Christmas list :eek: Thank you for any help April


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6th October 2004

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#2 16 years ago

may not be the game could be the PS2 itself... how old is your PS2? old PS2's have a hard time reading the newer games. Might be time if you really want to play the newer games to get the new thin PS2. They are so much more convienent :)..... or just wait for the PS3..... there are some options for you