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Hi I'm representing the _Tv2_ clan from Norway. I'm working with a presentation movie for my clan and need someone with a more distinct American accent to make the intro speach.. ( I do speak English with a American accent, but I guess.. Its not perfect! ;) Preferably the voice belongs to a girl.. just to add the little extra..

Need it in either mp3 or wav format. The involved person will of course have his/her name credited in the movie. Best Regards UltimaSRi tacAdmin _Tv2_

This is the speach:

"War is a conflict involving use of weapons and physical force by states or other large-scale groups, coinciding with a lack of dialogue between the parties. "

"Warring parties usually hold territory, which they can win or lose; and each has a leading person or organisation which can surrender, or collapse, thus ending the war"


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