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#1 13 years ago

Hello lads and lasses, Rasher the name from clan -=ECM=-. (Soldier of fortune II).

I have come on these forums primarily to recruit for our clan. It is an international clan, but servers based in UK. At the moment we have, Brits, Americans, Dutch, Portugese, Belgians.

The clan was initially set up for Soldiers of all nationalities, currently serving or X. That proved difficult in terms of recruiting so the clan is now open to ALL.

We dont do tryouts, we do it slightly different, we make you a recruit for 2-3 weeks and if you fit the criteria below you will be accepted. We have a nice website and forums (, we have our own TS2 server and our own game server. We also have our own dedicated IRC channel. All details on frontpage of website.

1. Most important to us is that you are friendly and fit with the other members.

2. Courtious to other clan members and visitors to our server when in public mode. Dont worry, eejits and idiots are kicked pretty sharpish.

3. Reliable, arguably the most important feature. We dont expect you to be around 24/7 but we do expect you to turn up for training and matches, if you said you would. We also expect a little note on forums if you are going to be away for a while.

4. Your ability playing the game is not important, but, the better players will play in our A team and the not so good/just wanna bit of fun, will play in the B team.

We dont take it too serious, but do train hard on maps and try to win every match we play. We currently play our matches in clanbase, but are hoping to also play in Fairwars soon. Depending on how many reliable members we have.

If you want to join a friendly clan that play matches regularly then fill in the join form on our site, join our server and speak to us or contact me via my profile details. Look forward to meeting you !!!!!!!!!!!!!




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#2 13 years ago

you should recruit and advertise here: