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#1 12 years ago
[COLOR=red]:( If you are tired of running and gunning type playing where everyman is out for himself (even those that belong to teams) then read on!:deal: [/COLOR]
I'm former military and I'm interested in getting a group together that would be interested in a type of clan that actually uses real life tactics, and skills. I want to form a group, clan, squad, whatever that has people do what their job description says and that will follow what their skill set and mission dictates them to do. This is not about orders or leaders but about teamwork and working together for a common goal, not the number of kills you get or xp points, we will have our own AAR's and award XP and Ranks internally based on you doing your job, and what others on the team think of your performance.

I'm not interested in being a dictator who tells everyone what to do, I have a job and have done this sort of thing in real life so this is a hobby/game, you will all have a vote if you are member. Server cost will be split among the members so I am researching the best server for the money, any suggestions please let me know. These are job skills needed and accompanying missions and job descriptions.

  • [COLOR=red]Snipers [/COLOR]

Ok everyone will want to be a sniper but, guess what? Your kill ratio will be down:confused: and you won't take the shots without the green light. So what do you do? Go in ahead of the rest and provide intelligence. You will be stealthy and you will not move once in place unless necessary.

  • [COLOR=red]Squad Leaders [/COLOR]

You will lead the squads on their missions and take responsibility for evaluation of your support through AAR's.

  • [COLOR=red]Rifleman[/COLOR]

You will work as a squad of four or more, move to the goal and form perimeters and proper fields of fire, you will support each other in accomplishing the mission, when killed you will spawn and move back to your squads position A.S.A.P. unless otherwise told by your Squad leader.

  • [COLOR=red]Gunners[/COLOR]

You will work in a squad providing cover fire with your weapon. You will be positioned by Squad leaders. You will also fly in gunships and other craft in support of the pilots/Transpo guys.

  • [COLOR=red]Engineers[/COLOR]

Mortar or explosive depending on the Mission. You will also move with a squad as they will provide the cover for you to do your job.

  • [COLOR=red]Medics[/COLOR]

A given, you will support a squad or platoon providing fire support until needed for your primary M.O.S.

  • [COLOR=red]Pilots/Transpo[/COLOR]

Need some good sticks to provide transport for the squads. You will commandeer vehicles and do all driving, all others will defer to you in this capacity.

  • [COLOR=red]Cartographer[/COLOR]

We will need our own mapmakers as well. The maps we will have on our server will be conducive to our type of play, read that as large. This is a big world and it will be real world type maps that we will use. Apply here through email telling me about yourself and what you want to do and we will get started. [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]


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10th November 2003

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#2 12 years ago

plz take a look at our offical clan listings and add on if you wish.


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9th September 2006

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#3 12 years ago

I've been looking for a clan that can be well organised and trained for a long time.

I'm greatly interested in joining the team and doing my part, my expertise falls in Piloting/Transport. I am prepared to follow orders to the letter in every aspect of a mission/goal. I look forward to signing up for this.

p.s. I can send you an e-mail with further details, below is a brief Bio

Age: 20 Sex: Male Nationality: British Marital Status: Engaged Expertise: Piloting/Transport, some demolition work Experience: Stealth piloting performing rescue operations