New Races of Elf and Orc in Shadow of Legend! 1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

Hey another two new races in Shadow of Legend, Orc and Elf!

Orc-- These Creatures of Eternity later all became gods of the Karion world, each with his own mission of vital importance in the world creation. But the imperfection in equal assignment finally led to devastation and invited jealousy on the part of Norobi, the God of War. Norobi defied the order of the Great God in that, he captured a large number of Elemental Creatures from nature and jailed them in his dungeon, and tortured them with no mercy only to release his resentment and dissatisfaction from within. With the seasons and ages rolling by, he actually managed to forge one horrible new species, the Orc. Elf-The Elves are always in euphory, but not necessarily excitement-seeking; curious but not greedy, therefore they have a rather long life expectancy; they are only entering adulthood when 110 years old, and they generally live up to 600 years old. Because of this, they tend to look at the world against a vast background, never getting upset or thoughtless with those trivialities. However, they keep pushing forward relentlessly once they get set on one particular objective, regardless of risks and costs. It takes time to make friends with elves or to become their enemy also. Similarly, for them to forget friends and enemies is also not easy. For the Elves are normally very proud and arrogant, extremely self-conditioned, and they never relent any means to revenge any humiliation cast upon them. Shadow of Legend Website


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#2 13 years ago

Orcs and Elfs in a fantasy game..

Who would have guessed?