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[COLOR=black]NGCBanner.png[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Nemesis Gaming Community or =|NGC|= is recruiting for Counter Strike Source, Day of Defeat: Source, and Battle Field2, however we are a community and as such welcome players of other games to join us as well. [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]=|NGC|= has been around for nearly 4 years. We currently have about 46 members and out of that about 30 that play on a regular basis. A complete history of Nemesis Gaming Community can be found here [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Our community website is NemesisGaming.org[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Were are an 18+ community with membership dues of $5 a month for services offered such as servers and personal websites.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]We have 1 CSS Private Match Server & CSS Public Server:[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Counter Strike Source Public Server[/COLOR] [COLOR=black] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Also, we have a Day of Defeat Source and Ranked Battle Field 2 Server:[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]DOD:S Server[/COLOR] [COLOR=black][/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Battle Field 2 Server[/COLOR] [COLOR=black][/COLOR] [COLOR=black]We currently have a team in Cal-O for Counter Strike Source and are in the process of setting up a team for the next season in [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Cal[/COLOR][COLOR=black] for Day of Defeat Source.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Everyone will have a fair chance at getting on the competitive teams but will have to go through a try out, just as our current members do.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]To join us please click here Join Nemesis Gaming Community Today and read through our rules then register. You will then receive an email from us usually within minutes and will have 2 weeks to send your first membership dues so you may have time to get to know us first.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]If you have any questions please post either here or in our forums: HERE[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Or you may X-fire me at ngcbond007[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]or email at [EMAIL="Bond@nemesisgaming.org"]Bond@nemesisgaming.org[/EMAIL] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]=|NGC|=[Bond][/COLOR] [COLOR=black]www.NemesisGaming.org[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]irc.gamesurge.net/NemesisGaming[/COLOR]