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Gone for a few days and this is first view - easier on an old man's eyes, :). KUDOs Here's an idea: We know certain problems arise where assisting don't break the rules and can be TOPICed out - Downloading, servers, login, the Basic Training phases, and so on. These topics are 'always on top' but below the stickys. This may help reduce identical questions where one cannot/will not search the entire forum for an answer. Puuurty good odds someone has had the same problem and gotten an answer. If the question is posted outside the TOPIC but can be answered by reading the TOPIC, transfer it. Titles such as 'HELP!", 'Need help', yatta, are insufficient If a new generalized error TOPIC develops, move it on up and formalize it. Another idea follows under new Title, 'File Acqusition' :cya: