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24th July 2006

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#1 14 years ago

In the last lan party of our JO clan the notice of the launch of N.I.L.E. was a conmottion, the beta is powerful and her interfacevery easy for new gamers. But our number of members is too low, 7 gun's maniacs are a poor number for a TDM or a ASS, KTOH, etc... In the first map with NILE the question is, what about AI Node Palette?, and what is the use of tha air/ground spawn markers?, uff, the friendly soldiers simply are paralized, and the hostile forces only fight when you are in line of sight, the use of the Team, groups and combination of markers dont work, and the events are some....chaotics, jejjeje. Definitively i'm a great newbie in the JO map editor's world, somebody knows bring life to the bots?. Almost the creation of MP maps are very simply, but nothing like a jungle rumble against hostile forces with all your friends! Thanks for the pattience, my english is very bad, but in my country the JO resources and comunitties are 0.