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#1 4 months ago

So I randomly bought it yesterday and while it's a very pretty game, I did find it a bit frustrating. I think that may have been because I was tired. The quests seem very sort of, mine this, build this, mine this, build this, nothing really happening.

Do other people play through the "story" or do you just fly around and mess about? I kinda like the exploring aspect of it but the constant having to repair and mine things makes it a bit of a grind tbh.

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#2 4 months ago

It can be very grindy but at the same time can be very fun.

I would recommend following the story lines. There are sorta 3 of them.

The Atlas Path, The Anomaly Path and The Artemis Path.

The Artemis Path is the "main" storyline path. It's kind interwoven with the Anomaly path as you'll be visiting the Space Anomaly during it IIRC. The Atlas Path is the original one the game kinda launched with but they've made changes to it.

I've not compeleted any of them.

I also recommend reading through the first parts of this thread as it has lots of helpful tips.

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#3 4 months ago

You should approach it in the same manner you would Minecraft or Terraria. There is a story, certainly, but it's mostly just there to give you something to follow if you want to. I will generally follow it for a bit, then branch off, then follow it again.

I like to put a podcast on and play it. Makes it far more relaxing as it allows you to enjoy the exploration far more.

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#4 4 months ago

I'm enjoying it so far. Yes at the beginning you're dropped in the deep end and have to figure shit out real quick. Ask KgvNIYH63RqRYU6uJXOOfyaB3RDgpfR3l6rik5EB.jpeg@Serio

 - I died three times within my first 30 minutes of playing on that godforsaken shithole of a starting planet.

Once I finally figured out what I should be doing to survive, it made more sense. Now I'm just having fun wandering planets and exploring.

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