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Sittard, The Netherlands, 04 April 2012 – InterWave Studios would like to invite you all to the Nuclear Dawn Steam promo day, on April 12th.

For the duration of the promo day, Nuclear Dawn will be on sale with a whopping 66% discount on its regular retail price. It’s your chance to test out one of the most innovative digital battlefields in recent memory, in this acclaimed title that brings teamwork to new heights with its hybrid FPS-RTS gameplay.

“Nuclear Dawn could become the most important FPS game to arrive in a long time” – Destructoid

Since its release in October 2011, Nuclear Dawn has received 6 major content patches which added new classes and weapons, new maps, additional Commander research and abilities, and a slew of community-requested small and large features to keep the game competitive and fresh.

“A surprisingly deep and well-designed FPS/RTS hybrid” – PC Gamer

Upgrades since the release version include, but are definitely not limited to:

Oilfield – a new, sprawling map of intense desert combat Saboteur Stealth – a new class armed with deadly remote explosives Support Boost Pack – ammo kits, player boosts and deployable radars have been added to the Support’s arsenal Advanced Research Options – Commanders can now research several powerful upgrades for infantry, structures, or for their own abilities Battle flow improvements – with spawn-to-spawn fast travel, preferred spawn points, a more solid and functional in-game UI with better menus, a compass and more information Training and tutorials – in-game step-by-step tutorials and training sessions to guide you on your first steps in the Nuclear Dawn universe! Community features – with a configurable auto-balancer, powerful customization options, and full support for server administration and modding tools, this is the game YOU want to play! And we’re not done! This promo day marks the beginning of a new phase of development which will bring even more features to this title which gives “..far more bang-per-buck than most AAA games give you” (AVault).

SteamBans support Next to all the awesome things we are also proud to announce official SteamBans anti-cheat support for Nuclear Dawn. is a global banlist/watchlist made for the Steam technology from valve.

The team has guidelines for all admins under supervision to follow. All bans that are accepted will enter a database which then is used to protect all servers under supervision of the SteamBans management.

Server Admins check it out now!

On April 12th, join us on the battlefield of tomorrow, sample highly polished FPS/RTS fusion, and stay for the long, passionate battles that will test even the most hardened FPS gamers and RTS gurus.

For more information on Nuclear Dawn, head over to Nuclear Dawn | Combining FPS with RTS without diluting either side, or visit our Steam page over here.

Stay up to date Get the latest inside news and connect with our team on: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Community Forums or our Official Steam Community Group.

About InterWave Studios InterWave Studios is an indie game development company that specializes in making awesome games. Made up of dedicated gamers who spend far too much time playing and developing video games, InterWave’s goal is to make genre-bending titles that combine the best elements in order to create uniquely fun and entertaining experiences. As part of the TechConnect holding, the gamers at InterWave rely on an extensive background in development, communications, marketing and online publishing. Nuclear Dawn is their first title.

About Steam Steam, created by Valve Corporation, is the leading platform for PC and Mac games and digital entertainment, serving over 1500 games to over 30 million active users worldwide. For more information, please visit Welcome to Steam.

Please note that I am not a representative of Interwave Studios, I copied and pasted this from their news. If you want to know more about the game, add me on steam: FlyingHigh I made a trailer for nuclear Dawn if you would like to see what its all about: Nuclear Dawn fanmade trailer - YouTube