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#1 11 years ago

Hi everyone,:cya: Was wandering if someone could please help me with a problem I'm having. Are the other members of your party supposed to show the helmets the wear because i can see the different types of armour and cloaks work on some but no helmet or hat i equip them with. Also, when I buy a torch and equip it there is no flame or light. Is there a bug or has anyone come across this b4? I have an 8600GT nvidia and it looks cool except for these strange things I've come across, it is really quite annoying.:mad: Thankyou!!!

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#2 11 years ago

Obsidian chose to make helmets invisible due to some problems they were having with "clipping" and NPCs' hair, and it's a different clip than at a barber shop. I don't recall the fix for unlighted torches. But the official web site has someone who can tell you (BioWare).