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some of this could qualify in all 4 cats, p,e,h&o, maybe even rants and raves. a few observations from recent play prompted this. just plain common sence, don't you thinks so Harvey ? there have been 1 or 2 sites that are kick happy - by the rhetoric they are either children playing or plain grumpy old farts. to make this game fun you need skills and a sense of hugh ma (get it ?, humour). idle defence (especially bridge) is not a reason to kick. read the manual ! not everyone on def is suicidal with exploits that get them killed as they make stupid heroic charge beyond where they should be. this often puts the good sence survivor alone against several e's at once to accomplish the task. def is a team effort, play as such. assault is under the gun with time limitation. make them spend the time to find and eliminate you. the whole bridge is a funnel which brings them directly into your sights, no extra effort or heroics required. there are no Bronzies or Silvies awarded here because you may get 3 kills including yourself while leaving your teamies with a wedgie. kicking because a player gets a higher kill rate than you is inane. roe - surely stuff happens and not always the fault of the committer. i've seen some really DOH ! STUPID DUHs ! idiots! walking into the ARs lof for example. going down the road, hop the ledge then come back the cats w/o advise you are doing so. little wonder your teamie kills you in reflex when you suddenly pop from nowhere. commo abuse - "ENEMY SPOTTED" - well that's a freakin no brainer ! of course they will be spotted. the ? you nhumnutz is: WHERE ARE THEY ? w/o that info, you are QRM (man made interference). NCOs: your job is to lead. direct the fire, you are given bnoks, use them ! non NCOs - do what your NCOs advise you. just that you may have more points than he does not mean you are a better tactician. whiners - i serve cheese and crackers with your whine - "can i have the S, i'm good with it, can i have the G ..., plz, pleeeeese," ad naseaum. i only relent to those with a vastly superior point status. we all had to start somewhere; to make a new player valuable to you in the future, he must be given the opportunity of experience. in my ledger it is 1st come, 1st served, don't even go there. report in - not only gives location to prevent roes (how often i saw that, especially with nades) but also a head count of survivors. pitiful when there are 3 and only 1 gives his QTH. you can not coordinate unless everyone knows where the other is. weapons - 2 are Harris supported but the Dev thinking here is totally OFF. in RL, you do not have to undeploy the bipod to change positions. having to do so will often get you killed straight away. get real people ! Gs - good grief, another Dev maladjustment. no G goes into action with only 2 rounds. it's his MOS for crying out loud. more Gs at the cost of reduced ball ammo should be the norm. ARs - i can always tell the novice; an entire mag in one sitting, indeed. best way in RL to ruin your barrel. now there's a ploy for Devs to use - freeze that barrel for its abuse. you probably would carry a spare but you've not the time to change it. even if time were available and so attempted, you would carry that weapon for life as it fuzed to your burnt to the bone flesh. i could give other game tips and pointers but i will meet you as an OP4 someday. if i told you all i know... artic skins not functional - Dev screw up again. black rifles on snow draw attention as do black brogans. what were you Devs thinking ? Devs, your trees as cover sux. in practice you can extend the rifle through the limbs w/o exposing your person. that's the whole point for snipers - you really think the expert will expose himself ? no brainer there. servers - 1 bridge server is obviously providing assault with the advantage from spawn. there is no way in hell that assault should reach def tower before def arrives. that's just a plain cheat, you buggers ! but your admin professes 'play fair'. say what ? remember the phrase from the Three Mousecatcherteers: "All for one, one for all." it's show time, more posts as they develop. ta ta