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#1 7 years ago

This isn't something I'd consider top news, but it's amusing nevertheless.

Some of you might have read about Ocean Marketing a few months back, but for those that haven't, or forgot, here's a summary;

- A customer named Dave orders from Avenger Controllers. Paul Christoforo handles the exchange when Dave inquires about the shipping of the product. The exchange that would follow would see Christoforo use short, curt replies all the way to telling Dave to put on his “big boy hat” and wait. - Dave forwards the email chain to his buddy, Mike Krahulik, better known as Gabe from Penny Arcade. Gabe enters the exchange and subsequently bars Ocean from PAX and promises they’ll never get a booth at his show. - Christoforo tries to flex his muscle and says that if he wants a booth, he’ll get it. Obviously unaware as to who Gabe is. Gabe clarifies the point, Paul tries to continue but eventually relents when he realizes that, yes, he is talking to Penny Arcade’s Gabe. Gabe asks to be removed from the mailing and Paul lashes out one last time and threatens to “our PR” Penny Arcade. (good luck with that pal) - In the email chain with Dave, Christoforo name-drops several major game media outlets and publishers. Scott Lowe from IGN got wind of this and quickly disavowed ANY positive relationship with Christoforo, claiming that he only time they worked together, Christoforo was completely unprofessional. He responds by calling Lowe a douchebag. - Further digging uncovers another horrible PR attempt when a delay in the release and shipping of the Avenger Controller causes concern for a customer (read about it here) - As the day goes on, it’s discovered that Christoforo is not only a terrible speller (his original Twitter acct was “@OceanMarketting” – it was since changed to “@OceanStratagy”) but he’s apparently using steroids according to a post on steroids.com. - Kotaku reached out to Avenger Controllers for info, Christoforo further proved his asshattery by posing as the company’s former PR rep Brandon Leidel and trying to sweep the whole situation under the rug. When the real Leidel got word of it, he wrote to Kotaku to tell them that he was no longer working with N-Control (the company behind the controller) due to major delay issues but that Christoforo is a “complete fool”. - It’s also revealed, as icing on the cake, that the Ocean Marketing site plagerized nearly word-for-word a portion of their services page, replacing a few keywords and the company name from another site entirely. - As the situation spiraled out of control, Christoforo desperately tried to apologize his way out of the situation with sob story emails to Dave and Gabe. As Gabe says, “too little too late”, and the company behind the Avenger Controller officially announced that they had severed all ties with Ocean Marketing and would be handling all customer service inquiries internally.

Courtesy of gKick.net

Turns out, it didn't stop at that. Over the past weekend, Christoforo was tweeting news and images from the PAX East 2012 showfloor, despite supposedly being banned from the show. There wasn't, at first, any official comments on it from the organizers, until the final day of the show. Which is when this appeared on their Twitter account;


... Yes, the images Christoforo had been tweeting weren't from some hidden, private contact as he had first alleged. Instead, they were being sent by the organizers in an attempt to expose him as a fraud. But here's the question; Was this, in any way, a professional way of handling it, or should they just have let matters lie and forgotten about it?


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#2 7 years ago

I do not think it was a necessity. He pretty much dug his own grave and laid down in it already. Interesting to hear about him again though, I bet some people wonder what he is up 2.

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#3 7 years ago

Read this a few days ago lol. I wiiiiisshhhhh I could meet this guy in real life. In all likelihood, it won't happen, because I'm pretty sure he's been blacklisted from all the major gaming events.