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#131 14 years ago

It has to be still one of my favourite games!!! UNREAL! The first one It is still great and plays brilliantly on my Laptop, yipppeee!!!!:D MeleeKing

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22nd March 2005

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#132 14 years ago
ZeroToleranceI play: Dungeon Keeper 2 Baldurs Gate + Exp Baldurs Gate 2 + Exp Half-Life Quake 2 (At my school :D) Age of Empires (yes the original)


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#133 14 years ago

after playing the likes of space invaders, pac man, donkey kong and asteriods at the arcades in the late 70s early 80s. i would say the first game that really got me hooked was manic miner on the zx spectrum. i think i still have that somewhere i also have my atari 2600. with all the above titles. along with defender, galaxian and beserk. but pong rocked. it was amazing to us older people that you could control something on you tv :eek:.


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9th May 2006

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#134 14 years ago

OKbefore I forget I've better post some more of my old games I have been playing Super Smash Bros., Streets Of Rage, Sonic and Pac-Man!


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20th December 2005

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#135 14 years ago
reborninthegloryI know! I was gutted when i couldn't get CnC and RA to work!

Crew; Noticed this and thought I'd speak up. Other than Red Alert 2 and TS/Firestorm, both of which did run (the former slowly) on my old machine (a Pentium I 166MHz ATX beigebox), the only computer that my C&Cs have been on is my current megarig, an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ running Windows x64. This would include Tiberian Sun/Firestorm, Red Alert 2/Yuri's, Renegade, and more recently Generals & Zero Hour (got the C&C Generals Deluxe Edition for a b-day present back in December 2005; everything else is from one of my copies of the Command & Conquer Collection that came out a number of years back. Basically it was C&C:TS/FS, RA2/YR, Renegade and a demo of C&C Generals.), and all of them work fine on my machine; rather well, I daresay. I know it's not XP, of course (which seems to be fouling up the business of C&C for a couple of folks in the thread) but I thought it worth mentioning. Back on topic: The Ultimate Doom, Duke Nuk'em 3-D, and Heretic. :) (Ultimate Doom & Doom II/Legacy will actually run on my machine, strangely enough. Haven't tried Heretic on the current rig but used to have a blast being the 'Wizard On A Mission' on my old machine. DN 3-D I don't think works on it.) -Worker.