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#1 10 years ago

Some titlles for discussion and get thins going football manager live



fantasy premiership

I have personnaly tried all of the above, fmlive is in beta still but I enjoyed the previous offline titles so I tried it and it looks good though time consuming frown.gif and i got other games to attend to hehehe. Apart from that it is as good as we expected but i hate the price tag

Effeffelle is quite fun and for free, it needs some bug improvement i think, but i liked the depth/time balance (twice a day -during lunch break at work and a little in the afternoon) and i made human enemies/opposite players in a matter of days. One match per day so a daily dose of action and off to work again.

Fantasy premiership is ok but limited as the title denotes to premiership clubs only and alas, no tactics so i wouldnt consider it a manager simulation

Hattrick has been around for long and is very well know with thousands of players. It is well made and has depth in gameplay but it is very slow in progress. There are only 2 matches per week so a season last forever and managerial progress slow.

Awaiting for your comments