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#21 15 years ago

Depend what youre playing: Guildwars - online (wtf duh) Half Life DM - online CSS - online (who plays with bots anyways >.<?) Need for speed - offline F.E.A.R. - offline Doom 3 - offline or for genres

Shooters - mostly online RPG - online Fighters - depends, racer - depends and w/e

Basically, if you want ot pla at your own pace, play single. If you wanna be pwned do online.

Like idk but in like Halo on XBOX theres ppl who are sooo good (w.o hax) but thats that

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9th December 2003

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#22 15 years ago

A well written Single Player game doesn't come anywhere near that of a Multi Player game. It's just like reading a book, some things are best experienced on your own.


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18th November 2005

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#23 15 years ago

I play Generally offline (pirates, Civ4, Heroes of Might and Magic...). Online play only WoW ... it's great.

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22nd October 2005

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#24 15 years ago

I mostly like to play offline but I sometimes play online because it's cool to meet different gamers around the world.:)

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17th June 2002

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#25 15 years ago

I prefer offline, even though there is a shortage of decent titles at the moment. I prefer storyline and immersion, things you don't get in multiplayer games. But I do play both styles these days, I rarely played multiplayer games all until this year, except for on JK2.

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22nd May 2005

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#26 15 years ago

Well I only play the games that are really online games like Bridge commander with mods, or battlefield 2 (demo) stuff like that



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7th December 2005

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#27 15 years ago

Sp if you dont have internet. Mp if you have internet.:naughty:


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2nd August 2004

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#28 15 years ago
The 13th RaptorI prefer well thought out singleplayer games over multilayer games, simply for the fact that most people on the planet seem to be assholes.

that is very true, but it is because most people are assholes that i LOVE to play multiplayer games (provided they're free for online play after purchase, otherwise i dont think its worth it) like i used to play jedi academy all the time, and nothing made me laugh more then when some moron tried to attack me while i had sabers down and i just fliped over him, and cut him into 1000 pieces :-P or going on lamer hunts is always fun lol but also some games i dont care how "good" the AI is, computers are still stupid! theres no way that a computer could every match the strategies created instantly by a person, and also with a person there is a small percentage of chaos, which is impossible to guard against. Like for example i have been playing path of neo, which is a KICK ASS game, but ive gotten rediculus at the hand to hand combat, i mean i really AM neo, under the hardest difficulty i can take on 4 agents with regenerating health and several cops thrown in there without taken a SINGLE hit, my friend derek watched me do this and i was yawning while doing it and holding a complete conversation because i mastered the fighting in that game, where as i were fighting different REAL people, there would be people i could fight on that level or better then me to give more of a challenge

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#29 15 years ago

Single player can add a lot more depth to a game, I tire easily with the same standard multiplayer modes that nearly all games use. There are actually a few games out there that I think have exceptional AI and do a pretty good job making up for the fact that not a lot of people play the multiplayer part.

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25th October 2004

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#30 15 years ago

Online most of the time, it's more realistic as you get realistic responses if say you crash a 'copter full of your fellow team-mates on Battlefield or accidently flash-bang a team-mate on CS-S, same applies for killing an opponent in a good way, it just makes for more fun playing, lag etc is a downside, but it's worth it in my opinion.