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30th December 2010

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#1 15 years ago

Hello all -=ORC=- (Our Renegade Clan)is a Dutch AA-clan. We are a fun-clan with a lot of great members. We are looking for new members (+/- 18 year or older) to join our clan. Everybody is welcome to join but you must be a Dutch-speaking person!! As i said before we are a fun-clan but we are also playing matches against other clans and again...everybody is welcome to join but we are especially looking for new members who want to match against other clans.

What we offer: -- A forum -- A nice clan-site -- We have a own (non-official) game-server (handy for practice) -- A very nice and bit nutty group of members -- Uppertunity to match against other clans -- NO restrictions to join -- You do NOT have to be monthsto be a wannebee before you are allowed to join your -=ORC=-tag -- Help with problems with your pc/internet-connections (we got a cople weird but very friendly pc-nerds in our clan) -- Help to improve your skills as a gamer -- A TeamSpeak-server -- Every year a cople of meetings and lan-party's -- And all this and lots of more for FREE!!!!

If you think you got what it takes to become a -=ORC_Member=- take a look on our -=ORC=-site and forum and put a post in the -=ORC=- wannebee-topic.

How to join or how to gain more info?! There are a cople of ways to accomplish this:

--Visit our Site & Forum http://orc-clan.nl/

--Join on our TS-server or: ts.lan1.nl

--Or send me a E-mail for more info: [email]NazGul_NL@hotmail.com[/email]

Hope to see you soon as a proud -=ORC=-member! -=Orc_NazGul=-

A last note: We do NOT accept people in our clan who discriminate other people on color of the skin...religion...sex...or anything else.