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#1 9 years ago

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]I came across an old PC game recently called Diablo. I just beat the game and started a new game with my old character. Problem is, I can't get any exp. points! I'm already in level 6 again and haven't acquired a single exp. point. Do I need to up the difficulty or what? Please help!

I know it's probably been a very long time since anyone has posted anything about this ancient game... but I would appreciate some advice... [/COLOR]:beer:

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#2 9 years ago

Actually, all you need to do is advance further into the dungeons and take on tougher creatures. As soon as a creature becomes no threat to you, then IIRC you cease to gain any experience from defeating it.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.


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#3 9 years ago

Ok thanks for the tip ;)


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#4 9 years ago

Play in multiplayer, there are several difficulty levels there. However you still should gain xp when you reach lower levels of the labyrinth, perhaps at the caves or in hell, depending on what lvl your character currently is etc.