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#1 8 years ago
Pawn Tactics is a fun game with solid game play. More commonly referred to as PT the game has 8 well balanced classes for use in any of it's game modes.

Game Modes: Team Deathmatch: This mode is self explanatory. If your team reaches 50 kills first, you win. If no one reaches 50 points whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. Deathmatch: First person to reach 20 kills wins. Once again if no one reaches the set amount of kills, whoever has the most at the end of the time will win.

Team King Of The Hill: Your team will try to hold a specific zone to get points (5 consecutive seconds in the zone equals 1 point). first team to 50 points wins. If no team reaches 50 points, the team with the largest amount of points wins.

King Of The Hill: You vs everyone, first to reach 20 points by staying on the predetermined zone wins (5 seconds = 1 point). If no one reaches 20 points highest scorer wins.

Capture The Flag (CTF): You and your team try and steal one of your opponents flags, return it to your flag stand, and get 3 flag captures (caps). If no one gets all 3 caps team with the most caps wins. Assault: A game a lot like territories, the red team (offense) tries to capture the blue teams (defense) zone. Each zone will show up for capture only after the one before it is captured. Red team wins if they capture all zones, blue team wins if they can succsesfully protect at least one zone from capture before the game ends.

-Both deathmatch and capture the flag has one on one maps where you can duel another player, the capture the flag maps are for flag fighting (ff).