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#1 9 years ago

Hi everyone,

I am using an Advent Milano netbook which by default runs at its highest resolution, 1024x600. However Peacemaker, a game on the Israel-Palestine Conflict, wants to run on 1024x768 and doesn't ffer any other options. It's a fairly simple game in terms of programming, any ideas on how i can get it to run at 1200x600 or less? Thanks.

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#2 9 years ago

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#3 9 years ago

If the netbook's max resolution is 1024 x 600, it won't go any higher. So no, you can't play it at 1200 x 600. Will it not offer 800 x 600?

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#4 9 years ago

See if the game has a config file you can edit to add or force a custom res.