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#1 14 years ago

Welcome soldiers... you have entered the portal to gather information on how to join the all mighty Potheads Anonymous team. We have a few requirements however: 20+ Honor Teamspeak w/ microphone 16+ Years of age Must be able to cooperate and work as a team with all members Have a valid way other then AA/TS to be contacted( AIM, MSN, YAHOO, EMAIL ) And have fun. We are looking for: - A webmaster - Members ( who are laid back and here to have fun ) - A member who can host a teamspeak server. - A member who can host a temporary authorized server for about two weeks until we purchase our official leased server. If you feel you qualify for any of these positions, contact one of the following people: Paul - AIM : ItZ TrIpPs Email: [email="xOnTheFrontLine@gmail.com"]xOnTheFrontLine@gmail.com[/email] Mark - AIM: ROLL4LIFE2468 Email: [email="ROLL4LIFE2468@hotmail.com"]ROLL4LIFE2468@hotmail.com[/email] Or simply reply in this thread. Thank you for taking the time to view this thread, and we look forward to hearing from potential recruits shortly.