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#1 13 years ago

Phoenix Xtreme is a multi-gaming clan, with a GW guild, headed by the great and beautiful leader Orchid. We have 8 officers and around 20 ACTIVE members (and I say active because inactives for over 2 weeks are kicked out of the guild, although always welcome to come back.) ATM We are heading our own Alliance with about 4 or 5 guilds in it, PX alone currently has around 250k luxon factions. We do a lot of AB, but we are also active in most other areas of the game, such as Battle Arena, skirmish, and of course HM vanquishing. The thing about our guild that I've come to enjoy the most is the level of comaraderie that as as guildies we have for each other. We are always looking to expand in any area of GW we can, so if you think you want to contribute to things such as GvG, or just want a friendly guild to belong to, then don't wait any longer! visit us at: Phoenix Xtreme - ForumNews our Guild enjoys a large section of our forums, for chat, trading, help with missions, etc. We look forward to seeing you! :nodding: