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#1 14 years ago

If theres any clans out there using PHPnuke for thier site who are looking for blocks/modules etc then take a look through my downloads. Ive gathered up lots of stuff over the past couple years so i thought i would use my download block for a change. Dont get to excited there isnt anything too special but there might be some bits of use for anyone whos just started setting thier site up. few things ive got - clan recuitment form flash video module flash music players couple different scrolling blocks AA server scroller block .. shows details of your server including map pics and whos playing TWL stats blocks to show your W/L/D record plus upcoming matches etc Ill be adding somemore stuff as i get time, ive got phpnuke and platinum themes medal systems, double forum mods... all sorts Only thing i stress.. i havent used all of these although they have all come from nuke sites, as they are free in the first place im simply just passing them along so take caution when installing any mods to your site.