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15th January 2009

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#1 10 years ago

hey all...

I hate the reticles in GR1. Does anyone know of a mod (or does can anyone make a mod) where the centre circle part of the reticle is gone and it leaves just the pips? With just pips, it makes it easier to actually see what you're aiming at. A reticle with only 3 pips (get rid of the top one) would be the best reticle for all guns.

Are there any mods like this around? If not, is there anyone who'd like to make a mod like this? It seems like a pretty simple project, as you'd just be getting rid of pieces of the reticle. I'd do my own mod, but I haven't got the skills or the resources to make one myself...

Anyone seen a mod like that around?


I didn't make it!

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#2 10 years ago

hey jedi_ninja, sad that you haven't had any replies.....and I can't help either. But I would like to know how to edit reticles (reticules) in GR1. I deleted the reticle files in Heroes Unleashed cause I didn't like them (:lol:yes I made backups), but now some of the tank weapons reticles don't work. Tried copying from original GR into HU folder, to no avail. So, anybody who can help with reticle copying, editing etc, we'd be most grateful. Shaz