Playing as Wesker in story mode of RE 4 PC? 1 reply

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#1 12 years ago

I have started a game playing as Wesker in the story mode of RE 4 PC. I've read you have to limit yourself to the 9mm Handgun, Killer 7, and Semi Auto Rifle. So far I've only used the handgun, and all 3 grenade types with no problems. I have tried using the punch once before and got the screen shake talked about, so haven't bothered trying it this time. The Chikyo Chagi kick works fine though.

This is all in keeping with what I've read on NeoSeeker about starting story mode with Wesker using the Merc Menu trick, though they also said scrolling through the merchant's weapons menu would cause a crash, which I also verified. Thus they say you need to enable the Killer 7 and Semi Auto Rifle via a trainer, but I've yet to see any trainers for RE 4 PC that have such a feature as equiping certain weapons.

Can anyone tell me of any RE 4 PC trainers that will equip the Killer 7 and Semi Auto Rifle or any other means to get those weapons in RE 4 PC when you play as Wesker? I have Googled for such trainers and not found any.

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#2 12 years ago

Google Mods instead?