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#1 11 years ago

hi im new and i have the version 2.6 everytime i pass the first trainning i have to doesn't allow me to save cause it says that the connection or the server is not working....why is that when my connection its completely good. like i din't know whats the problem or what to do cause i can also logging into my deplyoment and does it good but then i pass the training first one and it doesn't allow me to save...and i have to save it right in order to go to the next training?


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#2 11 years ago

You'll probably need to download a newer version (2.8, then 2.8.1 patch and finally the 2.8.2 patch.)

It's a lot of downloading, but it should fix your problem, and then you'll be up-to-date with AA for online play. More people play 2.8.2 than 2.6, in fact hardly any players still use 2.6! :(

:moved: You now have your own thread :) Use this thread for now till your problem is solved ;)