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#1 6 years ago

I'm in a pretty shitty situation atm. See, I've been saving up for a while now to buy a good HDTV for my Xbox 360 gaming. Around President's Day, I found what seemed to be a great sale: a new 50" LG 50PV450 Plasma for about $650. I finally got it about a week ago, but I have to say I'm quite disappointed with it. Edges that are supposed to be smooth have that jagged effect like the edge of a chainsaw, and whenever the camera moves, there is a very noticeable screen judder. I had chosen a plasma TV because I heard they had pixel-perfect picture and near-CRT-quality animation. But this seems to be none of those. So, I plan on selling this TV and making a little more off of it than I spent, since it normally goes for around $800. I want to get another, but I want to be more sure this time that want I'm getting is what I have in mind. I need your help to find an HDTV that's under $800, has great picture and color, is 42"-50", is 1080p, has smooth animation (hardly/not noticeable motion blur or judder), has a long lifespan, and does not get picture burn-in or long-term retention. I really need help because, as you all probably know, there are so many selections out there that it can be stressful to pick out an HDTV, and it's also a gamble because you don't know if it will meet your expectations. Thanks a lot for reading and please do your best to help me out. Thank you.

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#4 6 years ago

Led TV IS better i suggest SAMSUNG LED tvs for best result