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10th April 2006

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#1 8 years ago

OK, OK, you don't care because you have a girlfriend, blah blah blah good for you. But I grew up with it, and this new Pokemon looks strangely appealing. It's been very well-reviewed. Of course, only about 1/5 of the 150 something new pokemon don't look like they were created by a meth head, and I don't have a DS (last pokemon game I owned was Sapphire), but is anyone else slightly excited for it? Some people hate non-classic Pokemon (a lot of them just trying to be retro :D) but Pokemon is Pokemon to me..


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22nd September 2005

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#2 8 years ago

Never played anything other than the first gen Pokemon games.

When a live action movie is announced, maybe then i'll pick up where I left off with the franchise. ;)

Besides, caught Mew in Blue about a month back. Pretty much done with Pokemon. :)

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29th May 2008

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#3 8 years ago

Theres a new one coming out?

I haven't heard anything of it but I'll probably buy it 3 years late when I go on holiday and have a massive car journey so I look mforward to it!


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#4 8 years ago

Pokemon Special manga is an adaptation of the games pokemon, and not the anime. It has many arches, with different players at each bow, with the main protagonists are similar to their game characters,and not the anime characters.