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#1 13 years ago

hello!, recently i decided to revisit B&W2, since the last time i used it i had replaced my computer, the problem, is that for some reason, when scrolled into view around 20-30 people at one time, the gameplay becomes ridiculously slow, around 3-5 fps, the specs of the pc are around 2gb ram, 512 video card (x1300 radeon series) 2.3 ghz dual core maybe 2.7 =s, and, its crap. set the video card to max performance and turned off pretty much all graphic options in game and set what i can to low, still awful, tried installing new drivers, did a defrag full virus scan etc all what you would try and its still as slow as swimming in honey. Anyone got any advice? :confused:

Edit: its Xp Media centre edition