Portal 2 & Half-Life writer has returned to Valve 2 replies

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#1 2 weeks ago

There's signs of potential activity over at Valve, as an apparent return for Erik Wolpaw, head writer for Portal 2 and writer on Half Life 2's Episodic DLC, has returned to Valve after a year and a bit working for Double Fine.

Surprisngly, Gabe Newell himself confirmed the news after a fan noticed that Wolpaw's name was within the credits for Artifact. There's not been solid confirmation yet, however, that the email is genuine, but popular Valve watchers Valve News Network are apparently verifying the legitimacy of the message.

This shows a little bit of an about-turn for Valve, as 2017 saw a mass culling of writers from the company as their focus appeared to shift away from creating games to purely being a platform for retailing and publishing them. Famously, Marc Laidlaw, the writer for Half-Life 2, left the company and spilled the beans for what would have been the third installment int he series.

So this shows a potential return to story driven content being created directly by Valve themselves. The last single player game released by the company was indeed Portal 2, although the focus for Valve does currently seem to sit in the multiplayer realm, with recent releases like Dota 2 and Artifact.

Gabe did promise, however, that Artifact was just the first of several games to come from Valve this year, so hopefully there's more story driven, single player content ont he horizon. Weather or not that's another entry in the Half Life or Portal series, however, remains to be seen.

Stay tuned to GameFront for any more news as it happens.

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#2 2 weeks ago

Valve sure likes to pretend they're doing something, especially with re-hiring older staff, but I'd like some actual proof of that ktnxbai

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#3 2 weeks ago

People can only be patient for so long Valve, either have something to show for or just don't say anything at all, we all know what you are now.