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16th June 2008

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#1 11 years ago

The ending credits confused me, so there WAS a cake? :confused:

Also, what is Aperture, and what is this testing for?

I completed the game, so you can say anything ,and for those who didn't, you have been warned in the title! :nodding:


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6th December 2006

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#2 11 years ago

Well it seems like Aperture was kinda a competitor for Black Mesa (you can see some powerpoint-like thingy in some room)... so they probably were doing all sorts of R&D, some of which may be related to weaponry/security systems (what's with all those turrets ? ^^ ).

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#3 11 years ago
noobst3R;5215534The ending credits confused me, so there WAS a cake? :confused:

Cake is a lie =p

Also, what is Aperture, and what is this testing for?

One thing to keep in mind is that Portal takes place in the Half-Life universe.

Aperture was a rival industry to Black Mesa (where Dr. Gordon Freeman came out of) that, like its rival, focused on physics research.

Aperture was never able to make a product that the government wanted, so Black Mesa continued to get the awards. However, it came close to completing its experimental portal technology, which Black Mesa had no progress on. But as you saw with the game, GLaDOS went rogue and took down the occupants.

Now the problem is that the game never actually specifies when GLaDOS became self-aware, only that it was activated in 1996, and went rogue "several' years after that. I would assume that it had to have gone rogue at some point during or close to the Black Mesa incident, because the government would have taken care of that. As we all know though, the Combine invaded after that and took over the world, and Aperture was forgotten.

Now the events of the game itself, I don't know when it took place. However it is said that the world had changed a lot when Chell is awaken, so I would assume it is during some undetermined point during Combine occupation.

Aperture works its way back into Half-Life through its Borealis Research Ship, which mysteriously disappeared as a result of what seemed to be a teleportation screw up (from a device it was carrying), and ended up in the Arctic. When you play Half-Life 2 Episode 2, you are told this during the plot and it's assumed in Episode 3 you will go after the Borealis and retrieve what I assume is the portal tech.

The portal tech is desired by the Combine too, for their conquest purposes. One thing that the combine have a severe disadvantage in is that their portals only work with moving their armies between different dimensions, rather than within the same dimension. This is the reason why Earth wasn't stripped for resources and destroyed out straight, because the Combine presumed Earth had the skill to make portal technologies if it was able to open a portal to Xen, as Black Mesa had been working on it too (it had been letting them teleport straight to Xen before the incident)

Dr. Kleiner, who you meet in HL2, has the knowledge to make a form of teleportation as you see in the second level, and even the Combine were working on one as you could see in the Nova Prospekt level

However, it seems that that Aperture had some form of portal tech that allowed for the movement of large amount of things in the same dimension, so the Combine really want that to speed up their conquests (and ease of control), and so do the resistance.


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#4 11 years ago
Commissar MercZ;5215647 Aperture was a rival industry to Black Mesa (where Dr. Gordon Freeman came out of) that, like its rival, focused on physics research.

Aperture Science was a producer of shower curtains. It's involvement with the government was limited to being their official supplier of said product.


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2nd October 2005

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#5 11 years ago

In a nutshell, Aperture originally made shower curtains for the military or someone. The mercury from the shower curtains killed someone of high importance. The lab then got a huge ass fund from the government to produce GLaDOS, who helped work on the portal technology. Unfortunately, GLaDOS killed everyone besides Chell, which is where the game Portal starts, when you're the last person in the lab and GLaDOS is trying to finish you off.