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17th January 2006

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#1 14 years ago

well i got the final version yesterday and i beat it, storyline was complete. the only issue was when you try to tractor beam something and it takes you out of your ship. storyline:6.8 -it had cliff hangfer, wait till end of the credits. graphics:8.5 -too much like doom gameplay:9.0 - other games follow this guide line RUN - SHOOT, this game its RUN,WALLWALK, SHOOT,WALLWALK, GO THROUGH PORTAL. fun factor:5.0 - im just gonna say it, its way too repeditive, not worth buying. Portals are fun until you realize they are just spawning Unreal portals, which was released in the '90s OVERALL: 6.0 when it all ccomes down to it, prey is a standard run and gun shooter with extra features (spirt's weapons are useless until you get to the final boss and maybe a few puzzles in the game, which are extremely easy) but the combat is hard(because half way through almost all your enemys have grenade and rocket launchers which are almost instant kills.)

NOTE: this is the GOLD version, a.k.a the version that is COMPLETE that only a few special people have, like the people who made it, or people who were given it by the creator or someone else who got it from them. This is the same as the retail(excluding very small glitches that might have been taken out last second.)