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#1 12 years ago

I am downloading the 2 parts using download accelerator plus and on the second part it is asking for authentication username and password and i dont know how to fix it.


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2nd October 2006

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#2 12 years ago


[color=yellow]Please attempt to download your America's Army files from:[/color]

[color=red]USING MOZILLA FIREFOX:[/color]

[color=orange]Search for the files yourself or simply use these links:[/color]

> [color=lime]Part 1[/color] - Download Link > [color=red]Part 2[/color] - Download Link

[color=red]--> [/color]Make sure you choose the option 'Save file as' once you click the download link on the website.

[color=yellow]--> [/color]Check that the files you download are exactly these sizes:

> [color=lime]Part 1[/color] = 1,674, 364KB [color=red](That's 1.6GB)[/color] > [color=red]Part 2[/color] = 1, 603, 567KB [color=red](That's 1.6GB)[/color]

[color=lime]--> [/color]Start to follow MY guide once you have both parts!


[color=green]Installation Steps For America's Army 2.7, downloaded from FILEFRONT (

AA 2.7 Installation with 2 parts from filefront:[/COLOR]


[color=yellow]1)[/color] You should have 2 WinRar files, so make sure you have can download a 40 day free trial from, click here to download 40 day free trial

[color=yellow]2)[/color] Right click part 1 and choose 'Extract files to...'

[color=yellow]3)[/color] Locate your 2.6 AA folder: C:\Program files\America's Army\

[color=red]** NOTE **[/color] If you did not have America's Army 2.6 you MUST create a new folder in C:\Program Files\ called EXACTLY:

[color=lime]America's Army[/color]

Once you have made this folder carry on with these processes:

[color=yellow]4)[/color] Choose 'Extract'. Eventually you will be asked if you wish to overwrite a file. YOU MUST OVERWRITE!, press, [COLOR=LIME]'YES TO ALL'![/COLOR] If you don't click 'Yes to All' you will experience problems whilst trying to play the game! The whole extraction process should take about 3-5 minutes for part 1.

[color=yellow]5)[/color] Once it has finished extracting to the correct folder the dialogue box will close, nothing will happen, don't worry this is good news!

[color=yellow]6)[/color] Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 for part 2 of your download, again nothing will happen once part 2 has finished extracting.

[color=yellow]7)[/color] [color=red]IMPORTANT!!![/color] GO TO C:\PROGRAM FILES\AMERICA'S ARMY\SYSTEM, or in other words your America's Army system folder. There is a file in there called [color=red]User.ini, DELETE IT![/color] If you do not delete it, no vehicles for you!

[color=yellow]8)[/color] Now go to where you start AA from (Desktop/QuickLaunch shortcut)

[color=red]** NOTE **[/color] If you didn't have America's Army 2.6 you will not have a shortcut to AA, don't worry, simple to make one! Go to C:\Program files\America's Army\System and find a executable file called ArmyOps.exe (Should have the America's Army symbol as the icon). Simply drag this file onto your desktop for a shortcut.

[color=yellow]9)[/color] A (new) loading screen should appear, says something like 'The official US Army game, America's Army'

[color=yellow]10)[/color] New version, bigger game, longer load folks! Leave it for a while, first time loading always the longest (or always seems like it is anyway!)

[color=yellow]11)[/color] Short video clip should play and then you will be directed to where to log in, 2.7 is COMPLETELY different to 2.6 but it is very self explanatory so i'll leave you to work out how to load your account...However if nothing seems to happen, and it says Loading Account for over 30 seconds - 1 minute, minimize AA and check your firewall/antivirus program hasn't blocked America's Army from accessing the internet. There will probably be a little box asking you if you want to allow AA to access the internet, you must ACCEPT / ALLOW / YES!!!

[color=orange]Router Port Forwarding![/color] When you update to 2.7, you may need to update your router port forwarding to allow the game to access the internet in the correct manner. Visit this topic to learn about the ports that you must configure:

LINK: Port Forwarding For 2.7

[color=red]** NOTE **[/color] New America's Army users go to to make a new account, you can then login with this account you make.

[color=yellow]12)[/color] Once you're logged in, change the filter of the servers to GameSpy in the 'Settings' section, find a server with your desired map and PLAY!!!

Hope this little guide helps you guys!

[color=red]** PLEASE NOTE **[/color] In no way am i responsible for errors during installation this guide works perfectly if followed correctly, however if you find an error whilst installing check again, update all your software that you are using and CHECK THE MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR 2.7 THEY ARE DIFFERENT TO 2.6!

System Requirements (click to view)

[color=orange][size=15]Any problems, PM me :: Sxy Son!c ::[/color][/size]


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#3 11 years ago
hockeyplayapete;3323837I am downloading the 2 parts using download accelerator plus and on the second part it is asking for authentication username and password and i dont know how to fix it.

I have the same exact problem, and i followed all of the above download instructions, even dl it twice, but they stopped at 1.21 gb each time, asking for authentication OMG, my third time and it has stopped at 745 mb


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#4 11 years ago's not even downloading the whole thing for me for some reason.

I've tried it in Firefox and Opera.

In Firefox it starts downloading, calculates the time, and finishes in less than a minute.

Now that's an obvious flag...

So of course there's an error when I try to open it up.

So for me, I can't even download it.

Tried it from File Front.

And I'm not about to register for anything...

Anyone know another GOOD mirror? [Unless someone can help me get it working from FielFront of course ;)]

I can't stand the fact that they don't have it mirrored on their site[america']; surely the US ARMY should be able to pay bandwith costs...:(


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#5 11 years ago
surely the US ARMY should be able to pay bandwith costs...

They are paying for the game, programmers, coders, staff, site, government stuff. Paying for a server to host the game from would be pointless - you would pay more than you get from it...and why would they when they've got 50 odd mirrors doing it for them for free!

If you keep on getting error messages or corrupt files when trying to download large files, usually over 225 MB in size, then you should be sure that

- Your system RAM is not defective, does not have mismatched timing, and must be compatible with your motherboard. - Your hard drive is not defective or going bad. - Your ISP has not incorrectly configured cache servers which is causing corrupted downloads in files over 255MB in size.

You can fix these things by..

- Call your Computer Manufactuerer, explaining the problem, or download Memtest86 overnight, and let it run.

- Make sure that your RAM sticks have the same timing, and are not mis-matched.

- Call your ISP, complaining about corrupted downloads.

Before you do all this, you should try downloading it with a download manager, such as GetRight. Be aware that the popup window on FireFox when you download something is NOT a download manager.

[color=orange].::Any problems / questions PM ME![/color]