Problems with the BetaPatch-Remover (1.03 to 1.02) 0 replies

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#1 12 years ago

Hi all! I'm having problems with the BetaPatch-remover, which should remove the english 1.03 version of the game to the 1.02 version. So, I downloaded the .exe from (the site according to this forum) and started it. But it gives this error-message: Cannot locate NWN2 (English), 1.03BETA, on your computer. Huh, what does it mean with that? Im having the 1.03BETA on my pc. I installed the beta-patch, I'm very sure of it: The autoupdater displays it, the loader displays it and I can not join the game of a friend (who has 1.02). So, I have the proper 1.03BETA-patch of the game, but why does the remover not work? Every help is very appreciated -Jimmy