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#1 13 years ago

Hello everyone,

Just stopping by to see if any of ya have seen this game/engine?

I believe i saw a post about the new engine/game called "project offset" in here a while back. Well these guys seem to think that releases for this game whether there screen shots, or video, depends on how many hits they get on their site from unique id's. There is a progress bar that shows how far till a release of new info, hit that if ya interested in the game and want to see more updates. Check the site out, if you have'nt seen the game it's awesome looking. Think lord of the rings meets FPS! Yea...a fantasy game that isn't just a mmorpg, but a fps where u can build your character like it was a mmorpg. Well like i said if you're bored please click the link and watch the demos or come on the forum. Progress bar link Offset - a storm is coming... Site link for video and ss's Offset - Main