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#1 12 years ago

I've just tried to order the blueyonder gaming pack for the ps2, but I've been told they've stopped doing it. Apparently it was a very good deal and all that, but the only way for me to get online with my ps2 is to go and purchase the stuff myself.

This is all well and good, but for one major issue. I haven't got a clue about online gaming, or the peripherals I will need.

The first thing I want to know is what exactly will I need? I have a blueyonder 3 MB broadband connection, and the motorola surfboard sb5100 cable modem.

The second thing I am curious about is just what sort of range is there between the best and worst ps2 network adaptors? I have got the official sony one on watch on ebay, which is being sold buy it now for £18.99, and has shifted about 30 units in three days. Is this any good, or are there others you would recommend ahead of it?

Finally, does anyone know which one blueyonder were giving away?

Any help or links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.