PS4 now £199 with two games bundled.... 2 replies

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#1 2 years ago

Anyone tempted yet? Anyone?

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#2 2 years ago

Where are you seeing this?

Maybe if I knew of a few games that are not mod-able in the first place, I might look into getting my own console. Otherwise, I will stay with a PC. Mods are the entire reason to be on PC to begin with.

Or maybe if this was bundled with a few games that are Playstation-exclusives, I might be tempted there as well. I have spoken before on the many levels of amazing that is The Last of Us. The things Ellie says, and the way she reacts to certain things I do (or don't do), she actually tricked my brain into wondering if this was a real person.

For example, I was exploring about, and my flashlight shined in Ellie's face, and she actually reacted to it. I turned away in disbelief, and then did it again to see if I just found a bug or something. Ellie reacted again. I was staring at the screen, dumbfounded. Ellie then said "And now we are just standing here, doing nothing. Literally doing nothing."

I actually verbally said "What. The. Fuck." How does a video game character know what I am doing?

Naughty Dog did a fantastic job.


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#3 2 years ago

Already own a PS4 - but this is a great deal for anyone who don't. The PS4 recently got a nice overhaul, and it's a far more streamlined experience these days.

One feature I used constantly is the suspend and resume feature. It lets you put the console into "Rest" mode(runs on minimal power, charges controller and such) without shutting the currently running application or game down. This makes it very quick to pick up on gaming again if you have to do something else or just take a break.

When I say quick, I mean quick. Very quick. Takes about 10 seconds, top, to resume. And it doesn't "load" the latest save; it resumes from exactly where you left off, as if the game never shut down. It's beautiful, really.