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#21 14 years ago
he 360 is coming out with not only one of the best series NBA video game, NBA Live 2006, but it is also coming out with the new and improved Halo 3 which is going to be the bomb and they're only coming out compatible for the 360. I have also been doing some research and i've found that Microsoft might make the 360 a sphere.

Thats some mighty old info you've got there, Halo 3 is next year, and the 360 most definately isn't a Sphere, any game site will show you that. Anyway, I'm in a similar siuation, but i'm gonna choose the 360 because of the games released on and relatively close to the release date, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and Gears of War look great, but it seems that its a very FPS heavy first few months (not sure whether that is good or bad...). On the otherhand I might say wait for a PS3 but personally i'll just buy em both. i'll have about 6 months to save up for a PS3, which is long enough methinks. Just go with whatever you want, personally my DS is doing just great, though it has gathered a bit of dust recently, Hopefully Advance Wars:DS will sort that out. Hope that vaguely helped.


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#22 14 years ago

get the 360 definatley, cuz both the psp and ds can hook up to it, and it will have awesome games, ps2 has crap games and so will the ps3


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#23 14 years ago
wich i rather get have you seen the gfx for that mofo.

It's impossible to tell the differences between the two now, as most of the screens we've seen have been rendered. Personally I'm going for the 360, because of the games. The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion and Gears of War and UT 2K7 beat out the PS3's MGS4 and Killzone 2 games by a ton. The 360 will be the better value. While the PSP already sucks and I'll bet the PS3's will because the PS1's and PS2's have been worse than any other systems. I HATE Sony fanboys, people need to play more than one system and more than 4 good games before they defend the system they spent their money on. I regret buying a PS2. [color=darkblue][/color]